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Brand it

branded Alooppa wetsuit sleeve

If you’d like to brand your wettie – we can support it. We are using termotransfer technology, wich gives wide possibilities. Look at some branding examples in this gallery: branding examples. We have to price each branding individually – depending on size and work needed to be done. Contact us:

Customize Colors

alooppa wetsuit different colors visualization

You can choose your own colors from our colors and patterns portfolio. We can sew them in a mix of your choice. Prior to seeing, we prepare a visualisation of your model. The price of the wetsuit made by your color preferences will be an add-on of 10% on top of the regular wetsuit price.

Customize Fit

If you wish to have the suit cut and sewn especially to your measurements and preferences, we will prepare a custom wetsuit cut based on your measurements. The price of the wetsuit made by your personal measures will be an add-on of 40% on top of the regular wetsuit price. When using the Customize Fit option, you also receive a Customize Colors option free of charge.

Please note that customized products cannot be returned unless there is a warranty issue. Do not hesitate to ask for more info at

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about us
Aloha. We are Lansi and Serge. Being in love with the sea, the wind and the sun, we are together in life and business. With ALOOPPA, we want to give you a dress that charges with positive energy and brings bright emotions. We test our products personally.
To be satisfied with the tests, we keep on three principles: having own, bright and distinctive designs; sourcing high quality materials; and producing in our own facility. Havnig the production in our hands, we can make your suit together with you. Feel special with ALOOPPA.