Watersports apparel:

  1. Rinse extensively your wetsuit in cool water as soon as possible after use.
  2. Dry inside out, avoiding sunlight and direct heat. Zippers open.
  3. Do not store wet.
  4. If possible, do not store folded. Try not to use a wire hanger as well. And a hot trunk in the summertime is not the best place.
  5. Wash with a special or mild shampoo by hand. This is the best solution. We have tested our wetsuits repeatedly washing them in a washing machine with a normal detergent, cold water, and a short program. They withstand the test but overall this may shorten the time of use and color brightness. So, better no washing machine. However, if you still decide to use it, it is recommendable to close the zippers.
  6. Do not iron, bleach, or use strong chemicals. No dry wash. Petroleum, alcohol, solvents, aerosols are enemies of neoprene.
  7. Avoid sharp objects, as well as your nails, tearing the fabric.
  8. Zippers – do not pull them excessively while putting on the wetsuit. Hold the base of the zipper with one hand, and pull carefully the strip attached to the puller. Pull in a straight direction along the zipper line. Or ask a friend; help him too.
  9. Do not think too much about the above while having fun!

BodyFit apparel:

  1. May be washed in a washing machine at up to 30 degrees.
  2. Not recommended to dry it in a drying machine, however, damages are not expected if it happens.
  3. Put it upside down if you dry it to direct sunlight to protect the colors from fading.
  4. Do not iron.
  5. If you use your BodyFit wear for watersports, follow the care advices for watersports apparel.