Alooppa is a trade mark of Surf Partners Ltd. We are registered and based in European Union and are acting under EU legislation.
We are offering several payment options:
• Bank transfer
• Paysera payment gateway – very convenient for some local payment systems
• PayPal
• Visa Mastercard card payments
You can find more detail on each payment option below.
1. Bank transfer. Choose this option during the checkout and you will be given a bank details for the transfer. Our bank accounts are with banks registered in EU and under EU legislation. Please note that we will need the exact amount of order received to start processing it.
2. Paysera is a registered payment provider based in EU and under EU legislation. Paysera is very convenient for payments trough local (country – specific) platforms, local banks and global payment platforms such as WebMoney. To use the functionality, please select Paysera as payment method during the checkout; then select a country which payment options you would like to use and choose from the available options. Note that not all country-specific options may be available. Visa and Mastercard payments are also facilitated trough Paysera gateway. More information on Paysera at their website www.paysera.com
3. PayPal. We offer the usual and secure PayPal services to the customers used to it. More information on PayPal at www.paypal.com
4. Visa Mastercard card payments. We use the certified secure Paysera services to facilitate card payments. No information about your card can be viewed by us or stored at Alooppa.
Email us at services@alooppa.com if you have questions.